Metafore releasing Word To Me EP on 9/25

Metafore releasing Word To Me EP on 9/25


Word To Me will be a digital only release available on all major online stores including iTunes, Emusic, Napster, & Rhapsody.

Official Tracklisting
1. Lean Low
2. Nah Mean
3. Stuntin Is A Habit
4. Have It Your Way
5. Dreams (Nobody Really Cares)

About Metafore

Born in New York, raised in Hollywood, FL, Metafore (Tashan Turner) brings a new twist to the rap game. He touches not only the street core, but easily slides into mainstream audiences worldwide. One of the youngest in his class, this 18 year old brings integrity with a fresh and unique rhyme style which separates him from the heavy climate rap artists in the industry.

Growing up, Metafore was inspired by the likes of Jay-Z, Tupac, Rakim, and Slick Rick. Metafore discovered his own talent at the age of 12 and began writing tracks and creating beats. A couple of years later, Metafore was anxious to bring his sound to life. But, without studio equipment or connections, Metafore arrived at a blistering halt. A small blessing from the Christmas season helped jump start the recording process. Metafore received a karaoke machine from his Mother. A creative move, Metafore figured out how to record his demo on the machine.

With the support from his Mother, Metafore hit the ground running looking for a break in the music industry. Really understanding and supporting her son’s talent, Metafore’s mother always carried a copy of his demo around with her. Listening to the demo while at work, a coworker passed by and sparked interest in the sound. The coworker heavily involved in music management wanted to meet with the young talent. Metafore, found the inspiration he needed to get his career off the ground. The wheels were set in motion and Metafore would sign with Luckybug Entertainment, his management team. Almost overnight, he’s achieved phenomenal buzz. His first mixtape, “Heir to the Throne” (hosted by DJ Envy), blew up in the New York streets.

His first single, “Nah Mean” was produced by Charles Roane and is described as “a club experience, about picking up the ladies.” It is currently burning up on radio and is available for download on iTunes and eMusic. The video for “Nah Mean” was shot in Miami and is currently up on Metafore’s myspace page,,, and He’ll release “Heir to the Throne II” on July 30th featuring production from The Heatmakers. Look for the EP coming in fall of 2007 titled “Word to Me”.

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