MC Ren ft. Ice Cube Rebel Music (Remix)

MC Ren - Rebel Music Remix

MC Ren - Rebel Music Remix

I can honestly say that when I heard that The Villain MC Ren had dropped a new joint featuring his former  N.W.A. partner Ice Cube that I didn’t expect it was going to be on a track that sounds like this. I also didn’t expect a flow like this either. When Ren first comes in I thought maybe it was the producer E A Ski since his name was the first you hear. Plus, I’ve never heard Ren rhyme like this. Sometimes you are pleasantly surprised by things you didn’t expect. I was a big N.W.A. fan and always thought that if anyone would have had a good solo career it would have been MC Ren. After hearing this, it makes me wonder even more why he was so slept on. Cube also with the double time flow? Come on man, that “Rebel Music” is going to force these cats to get some akrite.

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