MC Jin featuring Hollis – Complicated



Former emcee slaying battle rapper MC Jin’s latest pre-game release before the new album drops deals with the intricate nature of relationships. “Complicated” is off of MC Jin’s new album XIV:LIX  dropping October 21st. With Jin’s faith coming to the forefront more in recent years, XIV:LIX could possibly be referring to a bible verse, perhaps Mark 14:59 or to Andy Warhol’s “15 minutes of fame” phrase. Someone at 14:59 of their 15 minutes is on the edge of losing relevance. It can be a tough thing to deal with when the hype dies down and you get to see the fickle nature of fame. KRS-One spoke on that subject on “Down The Charts”. Whatever the meaning, it’s good to see that Jin didn’t lose himself in the process.

1. Ladies and Gentlemen
2. Comin’ Up
3. Welcome to the Club (feat. Teesa)
4. Complicated (feat. Hollis)
5. Carry On (feat. Stacie Bollman)
6. Eat, Sleep, And Die
7. Money
8. Glow (feat. Tim Be Told)
9. Chinese New Year
10. Fairytales (feat. Teesa)
11. Like a Rock (feat. Time Be Told)
12. Fan Mail
13. Heaven’s Ceiling (feat. Bére)
14. Welcome Home (feat. Bella)
15. Hallelujah

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