Arist: Macromantics
Rating 3.5/5

a rapid-fire, tongue twisting flow and lyrics that will have you grasping
onto each and every word, Macromantics proves she doesn’t have to be
a medium to deliver the message. Hailing from the land down under
Macromantics is well known for her socially charged lyrics and thought
provoking commentary. She also keeps the heads noddin’ with
throwback beats that compliment her unique style. Macromantics
style of rapping may take some getting used to and her speed might make
her lyrics a little tricky to decipher, but with time her style will
definitely grow on you. With a debut album set for mid-July Macromantics
may prove to be that much needed breath of fresh air we here in the
states have been longing for.

gives listeners an informal introduction to herself on “Ms. Macro”
as she boasts about spitting, “…rap flows hot like tea or coffee.”
With a live-band feel to it and a trumpet laced chorus “Ms. Macro”
is an up-beat track that will leave you properly introduced to Ms. Macro

to the four elements of hip-hop, “Four Facets” gives props to the
culture that, according to Macromancs has, “Got so much soul it’ll
be here til’ the final date arrives.” As a true emcee Macromantics
also makes sure to express her gratitude on “Four Facets” showing
her appreciation for the great ones who have come before her and the
folks doing their thing right now.

“Conspiracy Remix”, Macromantics most impressive track, Macromantics
searches for a truth that is ironically “lop-sided.” As one
of her more socially conscious tracks Macromantics crosses all boundaries
as she rebukes violence and blood-shed that has become so common place
these days. On the haunting chorus of “Conspiracy Remix”,
Macromantics warns that, “It’s all a conspiracy that they use guns
to set spirits free.” With a seemingly never-ending war going
on Macromantics’ warning could not be more relevant today. Macromantics
insightful approach on “Conspiracy Remix” may be welcomed by some,
but on the other reverse it could be a little much for people who use
music as a way to escape from their own problems.

may not be some supernatural hip-hop medium, just an emcee who understands
the message. Just be fore-warned…those of you who wish to remain
oblivious to the message, Macromantics may not be for you. Be on
the look out for Macromantics album in mid-July, but if this is just
too timely of a wait check out a few tracks at

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