M-1 embraces the web and the power of the people to reach out to his fans

While On A Nationwide Tour, Dead Prez’s M-1 Stays Busy Promoting His Presence on the Web and on the Radio

M-1 embraces the web and the power of the people to reach out to his fans

(March 16, 2006, – Brooklyn, NY) In spite of battling stormy weather and maintaining a hectic schedule while on the FishScale Tour with Ghostface, M-1 stays strong, making sure his fans on the internet know about his upcoming debut solo release.

M-1, who makes up half of the highly respected hip-hop group Dead Prez, wants to make sure fans old and new are aware about his upcoming solo debut release entitled Confidential. Despite his already packed schedule, M-1 wants to make it clear that he is ready to meet as many fans as possible and do as many interviews as he can. “The internet has and still does play an essential role in helping us to continue “poppin’ our politic” through music. The internet is a phenomenon and it is my job to use it as a revolutionary tool – see you in the matrix”

M-1 is excited to maintain a prominent presence on the web via another platform; by being this week’s featured artist on MySpace.com. “Having a direct connection to my fans is something I highly value,” says M-1. MySpace’s Urban Marketing & Events Coordinator Roslynn Cobarrubias is equally eager, saying, “M-1 maintains a positive message of activism that is often excluded from major radio stations and television networks. We’re excited to be able to support his solo debut as well as premiere his video to those who may have never heard of him before.”

In addition to the web, M-1 has high hopes of getting his single, “‘Til We Get There,” on the radio the old-school way; by getting his fans to request his song. Reaching out to his supporters and getting them involved in the process is the best way to get his songs out to the masses. “I may not have the exorbitant resources that are the norm within the cookie-cutter world of the majors.” says M-1. “But I represent the people and the people are smarter than they are given credit for. Let the people decide what they want to hear on the radio”

M-1’s debut solo album Confidential will be released on Tuesday, March 21st on Sotti Records and KOCH Records.

To Vote for M-1 on Hot97.com: /angies_music.aspx

MySpace page is: http://www.myspace.com/m1rbg

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