Lost Mikey D Album Produced By Paul C Found!

QUEENS, NY – After many years of searching, the lost album by Mikey D & The LA Posse has been found. Produced by the late [legendary] Paul C with scratches by DJ Johnnie Quest, this masterpiece does not disappoint. The project was recorded while Mikey and Quest were signed to Sleeping Bag Records in 1989, but was never released due to Sleeping Bag folding and the untimely passing of Paul C.

All of the tracks were discovered when an associate of Mikey D’s presented him with a copy of the material. In turns out that Mikey had given him a copy of the recordings many years ago and he has held on to them for all of this time.

The process in now underway of having the material remastered by fellow Hip Hop veteran, Large Professor. Extra P was a student of Paul C and is anxious to start the process of cleaning up the material for release to die-hard Hip Hop fans worldwide.

Track List:
Takin’ No Shorts
The Executioner
Out Of Control* (Previously Released)
Kill That Bass
Peep It
Comin’ In The House (Previously Released)
Listen To The Bassline
Party Time
Beethoven Scratch (Featuring DJ Johnnie Quest)

*Produced by Renee Campos

Mikey D is also in the process of closing a deal with Redline Music Distribution; this step will ensure that all of Mike’s projects reach the masses. He is also working on a new album in conjunction with Redline as well as re-releasing his recent “Best Of Mikey D ” compilation. With the aforementioned projects, the unreleased Paul C material along with release of the Mikey D documentary – Hip Hop fans will have a lot to talk about for years to come.

For further information regarding this and future Mikey D projects, please visit 1st Thought.

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