Little Vic – “Caked Up” featuring Kool G Rap

Newest track from Each Dawn I Die features NYC legend Kool G Rap

The Song:

"Caked Up" featuring Kool G Rap is the latest track from Little Vic’s newest album Each Dawn I Die. Starting with a shot of funk in the beginning, the song grows from there, layering turntable scratches over a raw New York City beat. Little Vic shows off his versatility on this track by blending the dark side of battle rap with a cocky swagger. He rhymes, "Cats are living street dreams / and wake up when they get pinched / if a king exists / peasants biting on my lyrics like dead skin on their finger tips / bring a wrist to slit / or sing a quick verse whistling past the cemetery / Little Vic hearse." Kool G Rap, one of the early legends of New York hip-hip, brings it full circle by bringing back his legendary mafioso lyrical prowess.

The Background:

Little Vic became involved with music at a young age, laying tracks in the studio with his Uncle Paulie, Big KO, and his cousin John. John who became DJ John John, now works closely with major music forces such as Shadyville Entertainment and is known on the New York music scene for his explosive mix tapes, often featuring tracks and freestyles from Little Vic. DJ Whoo Kidd, DJ Domination, DJ Woogie, DJ Front and DJ Eclipse have all brought Little Vic’s celebrated lyrical style to the streets on their impressive mix tapes.

Each Dawn I Die in stores now.

"Hot. That’s the best word to describe Little Vic." –

"The album in its entirety is a pretty dope tribute to that 90’s rap we all grew up to love." – SitDownStandUp blog

“Vic’s seasoned flow proves he’s no newcomer, as he seamlessly wraps his rhymes around the quality beats he employs for his backdrop.” – 8/10 –

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