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Lin Que, formerly known as Isis of X-Clan and for her affiliation with the likes of MC Lyte, recently released the digital single “Suga-Coated”. “Suga-Coated” is an all female posse cut featuring 9 emcees and singer Rachel Walker on the hook. All proceeds from the single go to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast cancer charity. Lin Que talked with OneTwoOneTwo about the new single and her current solo album Godspeed.


Hey Lin, tell us a little bit about the We Are The Girl Movement.

Lin Que: The “We Are the Girl Movement’ makes history with its first release, “Suga-Coated.” For the first time since the inception of Hip Hop, nine female emcees assault the microphone without any help from their male counterparts. “Suga-Coated” features True School Veterans who have been in the game for quite some time, Underground Royalty as well as Up-and-Coming Talent who are eager to claim their spot in this male-dominated industry. One has no choice but to succumb to the incredible skill and energy exuding from this track. Whoever said, “Female Emcee’s can’t hold their own” obviously hasn’t had the pleasure of sampling the skills portrayed on this banger. In addition to the genuine talent of Mala Reignz, Knewdles, Bless Roxwell, Lin Que, Alana, Paula Perry, Toni Blackman, J-Boo & Tiye Phoenix, is the sultry voice of newcomer Rachel Walker. “Suga-Coated” displays the undeniable talent of women of many ethnicities and cultures.

“We Are the Girl’ aka WAG was formed to give women in Hip Hop a platform to “Follow their Dreams’ and make careers out of what they love doing most. It seems as though women have not been given a fair share within the Hip Hop community. It’s time. We must claim our voice. We must claim our seat at the throne and be the “True Queens’ that we were born to be.

“We Are the Girl’ believes in giving back to the community. All the proceeds from the download of “Suga-Coated” are going to the global leader of the Breast Cancer Movement, Susan G. Komen for the Cure¬Æ. “Suga-Coated” was officially released on October 1st, 2009‚Ķ just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Although October is designated for Breast Cancer Awareness, we all know that it is a day-to-day issue that needs our support. Support Women‚Ķ Save the Hip Hop Culture‚Ķ Heal the World.

You can purchase “Suga-Coated” by going to product2.html. The track is $.99 to download.

If we all chip in, we can make a difference.

“We Are the Girl’ website:

wearethegirlmovementExplain the name We Are The Girl.

Lin Que: Most people would have called it “We Are the Girls”‚Ķ but for me what was most important was to create some unity within the sisterhood. Leaving “Girl” singular is pointing to the fact that we are all one.

The proceeds from the release of the single “Suga-Coated” goes to Susan G. Komen for the Cure charity for breast cancer research. Is there any particular reason you choose that specific charity and is there any significance to the choice of breast cancer as the beneficiary of the proceeds?

Lin Que: The track was released on October 1st and I thought it was great timing to send all the proceeds towards breast cancer. As we all know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We like Susan G. Komen because they are the world’s largest grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and activists. They work together to save lives, empower people, ensure quality care for all and energize science to find the cures. They are also the largest source of nonprofit funds dedicated to the fight against breast cancer in the world.

The release info said “Suga-Coated” was the “first” release. So can we assume there are going to be more releases from you and the We Are The Girl Movement?

Lin Que: Absolutely, there will be more coming. We look forward to it.

How did you come about choosing these particularly blend of emcees to be on the project?

Lin Que: With the help of an amazing emcee Bless Roxwell… who is also on the track, we were able to come up with this unique blend of talent.

How was it doing a project like this with as you put it “nine female emcees assaulting the mic without any help from their male counterparts”?

Lin Que: The energy was amazing. The talent is incredible. It is a blessing to be a part of this project. We are about to shoot a video for it soon… so that will take it to the next level.

How has the reception been to the single?

Lin Que: It has been great. We’ve received such a positive response and we are still very much in the preliminary stages.

Where can people get more information about the single, the charity and the We Are The Girl Movement?

Lin Que: I also would love it if people could join us at

If we join forces we can create a force to be reckoned with… this force… the ‘We Are the Girl’ Movment… will help catapult us Together toward Success and Living Our Dreams. The ‘We Are the Girl’ Movement aka WAG was formed to give women in Hip Hop a platform to “Follow their Bliss’ and to also Give Back to the Community. WAG supports All Women Everywhere and in Every Profession. If You Support the Empowerment of Women, please come and join us.

lin que - godspeedYou currently have a solo album entitled God Speed out as well. What’s the idea behind that album?

Lin Que: Although I’ve had three major album deals, the masses only heard one album‚Ķ which was “Rebel Soul” when I was down with a group called X Clan and went by the nameIsis. There were also some singles that were released from the other two albums like “Rip It Up”/ “This Is It” and “Let It Fall.” There is so much more to me than those singles. People haven’t really been able to get to know me as the artist that I am. “GODspeed” is a small introduction to the artist in me‚Ķ remember, just an introduction. There is more to come.

Where can people get more info or cop God Speed?

Lin Que: CD Baby, iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, Napster, etc… It is also available at certain stores in the US. You can go to may myspace page for more details:

Any upcoming releases or collaborations coming out in the future?

Lin Que: I am currently working on some collabos and features. Nothing I can mention at the moment. I am also about to start on the next album. I’m very excited about that.

We appreciate the time and the final words are yours.

Lin Que: Believe in Yourself and Never Ever Give Up. 1 Love and Thanks for the Support.

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