Legendary MC Guru Premieres “Lost And Found” Music Video


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“Guru 8.0 Lost & Found” is the upgrade Hip-Hop fans have been waiting for. The today’s Hip-Hop game is missing lyrical and storytelling content and is oversaturated with artists talking about nonsense like “Jerk”, “Swag Surfing”, and senseless dance moves instead of focusing on the true art of emceeing.

“It was necessary in today’s Hip-Hop game to release another classic to keep REAL Hip-Hop alive,” stated GangStarr founder Guru.

“Guru 8.0 Lost & Found” is Hip-Hop in its purest form and features little collaboration beyond 7 Grand artists, K. Born, Highpower and Doo Wop, the UK soul singer Omar, and the first ever appearance of producer Solar as an emcee.

Three examples of the diversity, both musically and lyrically, found on “Guru 8.0 Lost & Found” are tracks like the lead single “Lost And Found”, “Best Of My Years”, “Fast Lane” and “Divine Rule.”

“Lost And Found” is a serious banger built around a loop of The Animals’ 1964 classic “House Of The Rising Sun”. “Best Of My Years” has a classic Hip-Hop feel to it, “Fast Lane” is a southern Hip-Hop inspired track that shows off Solar’s ability to take an established subgenre of Hip-Hop and rework it to make it his own. Stretching things out even further is “Divine Rule,” which is a throwback to Hip-Hop’s early beginnings when emcees used to rhyme over disco breaks.

“Guru 8.0 Lost & Found” is what the game has been missing and what true Hip-Hop fans have been waiting for. So if looking for Hip-Hop’s new coordinates, turn off your radio, pop in “Guru 8.0 Lost & Found”, and you will find your way indeed.

“Guru 8.0 Lost & Found” is now available in stores and online!

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