League510 – S.O.S. Video


League510 are back again, and with their new video, “S.O.S.,” the usually fun-loving and party-ready group has decided to take their music to a more serious place, one that focuses on the harsh realities of day-to-day life in Oakland. “The main inspiration for this song was the senseless violence that happens in our city, Oakland, CA,” remarks TK, who spits one of the songs two verses, with fellow League member Mr. Knowitall holding down the other. 

The video, directed by Andrew Butte, was shot in what might be described as documentary-style, with stark and striking black-and-white depictions of East Oakland as members from The League spit verses on various corners, stoops and local landmarks surrounded by the people that make up the community. “Andrew Butte is only 19 years old,” note the League, “and he did an awesome job, especially this being his first video he’s put together his self.”


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