League510 – Any Day Now

Believe In The League EP Release Celebrated With A Brand New Single


DOWNLOAD: League510 – Any Day Now

League510 is excited to announce the release of their debut retail EP, Believe In The League. The EP, which contains six original songs, including previous singles “Never Change” and “24hr Fitness,” is available for sale at all digital retailers starting today via Clear Label Records.

To celebrate the new release, League510, comprised of TK, Monty, Mr. Knowitall, and DJ Blacksmith, are releasing a brand new single, “Any Day Now.” The track starts off with a high-pitched guitar squeal before the group’s three emcees jump into lyrics, telling of a foreboding future – one which we hold the key to. “Any day now we could be consumed by evil/ Any day now we could change the hearts of people/ Any day now, we could lose our earth’s resources/ Any day now, we’ll see the product of our choices,” raps the League. A steady, synthesizer-generated bass line bounces in the background as a head bopping drumbeat provides the track a firm backbone.

For League510, the EP serves as more than simply a precursor to their forthcoming debut, To The Beat. Leaders of the Town Techno movement, the League have long stood for originality in the face of conformity, and this EP, while giving uninitiated listeners a chance to delve into the sounds of Town Techno also offers loyal fans the chance to express their own originality through the bold sounds of the League. “The purpose of the Believe In The League EP is to give our listeners an eclectic variety of the League510 sound known as Town Techno,” explains the League. “With this EP we want to reach all of the folks that dare to be different, strive to go against the norm, and will die for originality. So throw your “L’s” in the sky and Believe In The League.”

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