Lake and Cormega Rep with My Brother’s Keeper

Lake and Cormega
Represent with My Brother’s Keeper
New Album from two
QB Stars – In Stores August 22
New York, NY — Cormega is
a name synoymous with both independent music and the
notorious neighborhood of Queensbridge, New York. Over the past several
years, Cormega has released a number of acclaimed albums, and has paved his
own path to success. For the first time in history, Cormega is teaming with his
fellow QB emcee and longtime friend, Lake, for a full-length feature album
entitled My Brother’s Keeper. The project will be released on August
22, 2006 on Fast Life Music.
My Brother’s
Keeper contains 13 exclusive tracks, with featured guest
spots from Fat Joe on “Dirty NY,” Mr. Cheeks on “QU Side,” Greg Nice on
“Don’t Start” and R&B songstresses Kira on “Miss Everything” and
Uniqua Star on “30/30.” Powerful
production from D.I.T.C.’s Buckwild, J. Waxx Garfield,
Ax Tha Bull, Ski, Jay Boy, HotDay, Now or Laterz, Get Large and Cormega
himself contribute to one of the strongest QB collaborations to
After his recent signing to
Death Row East, Lake is in a great position to be introduced at large
to eager fans. His previous work with Nas on the God’s Son
album and his own 41st Side Compilation solidified Lake’s place in New
York’s underground market. My Brother’s Keeper marks a monumental era
for QB, with two true legends in the game bringing it home. “It’s a lot of
different things me and Cormega went through together over the
years,” explains Lake. “We put that into music, and it came out
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Tracklist for My
Brother’s Keeper:
1.  Intro
Ghetto – prod by Ski
3.  The Oath – prod by Ax Tha Bull
4.  Let
That Thing Go (skit)
5.  30/30 f/ Uniqua Star – prod by Ben Grim (Now or
6.  Don’t Start f/ Greg Nice – prod by Cormega
7.  You
Know Where He’s From (Skit)
8.  QU Side f/ Mr. Cheeks – prod by Cormega,
J Waxx Garfield, Arnold
9.  Sleezo (Skit)
10. Snitch Nigga – prod by
11. Stress & Greed prod by Jay Boy
12. Get It – prod by
13. Walk Through Heaven – prod by Get Large
14. Hood Legends –
prod by J Waxx Garfield
15. Swallow Everything (skit)
16. Miss Everything
f/ Kira – prod by J Waxx Garfield
17. No Happy Ending – prod by HotDay
Dirty NY f/ Fat Joe – prod by J Waxx Garfield
Lake is most known as the former business partner of rap
superstar Nas during his climb of the ranks to become one of hip-hop’s greatest
MCs. He and Nas were close for many years as they both came up hustling and
running the streets of Queensbridge, New York in the 90s, and his most
well-known appearance is on Nas’s album God’s Son in the song
“Revolutionary Warfare.” However, Lake’s biggest claim to fame is his critically
acclaimed LP entitled 41st Side, which has sold over 100,000 copies
strictly from street buzz alone – no radio or video support. 41st Side
cemented Lake’s reputation as a major buzzworthy underground artist to watch on
the East Coast scene, bringing together the likes of Nas, Cormega, Nature,
Noreaga, Tragedy and more for the all-star effort. Now signed to Death Row East,
Lake stands poised to take on all challengers as he begins his ascension to the
Queensbridge legend Cormega
needs no introduction. A legendary hustler who has brilliantly documented his
life on four critically acclaimed albums, Cormega stands as one of the
strongest, most durable MC’s from the hallowed projects of Queensbridge. His
albums have sold approximately 400,000 units in his career with little to no
radio or video support. Formerly signed to Def Jam he has worked with heavy
hitters such as Nas, Ghostface Killah, Mobb Deep, AZ, Foxy Brown and more. ‘Mega
won the 2003 Source Award for Independent Album Of The Year, The True
Meaning, and released The Testament in February 2005. His
long-unreleased major-label debut, The Testament was shelved for 10
years by Def Jam mainly due to label politics, but Cormega eventually won back
the right to release the record himself in 2005. A ton of critical praise
from credible sources flowed in, including a review from All Music Guide, who
dubs the release as “One of the best mid-90s gangsta albums, no

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