KRS One vs Fox News’ Hannity

KRS OneHip Hop is still in the crosshairs of the media attack bandwagon, and as we have seen with the last two representatives, namely Cam’ron and M-1 of Dead Prez, we aren’t doing so well. I do have to say, with all of Fox news’ bias that they could have chosen someone to debate like one of the Ying Yang Twinz…haaaaaaaaaa (no disrespect but dude come on) but chose to go after The Teacher. For that, I give kudos. Perhaps Hannity thought all those Hip Hop guys are the same and that he could steam roll over whomever and just got unlucky with this draw or they were looking for someone who could actually give a good debate and discussion. Either way, the exchange comes off with good effect.

I do have to say, although I don’t agree with Hip Hop being the fall guy for Don Imus’ comments, I am loving this new atmosphere of Hip Hip under fire because it has the potential to bring a much needed and hoped for change.

Video of KRS One on Fox News

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