KRS One & Kid Capri on Fox about New Hip Hop Network

KRS OneKRS once again makes an appearance on Fox News. This time the blastmaster brought DJ Kid Capri along to help promote the project to create a new ‘fair and balanced’ Hip Hop Network dubbed the Real Hip Hop Network. It appears they are trying to get off the ground a TV network dedicated to a more well rounded view of Hip Hop. From what I have heard, the network will be run locally in New York and be offered as a premium channel everywhere else. Highlights of the exchange include KRS’ thoughts on the Imus situation that has cause a media backlash against Hip Hop and a few shots thrown at the dumbing-down-our-communitee-to-get-that-paper network BET.

Once again, Mr. Parker makes an impressive appearance on a mainstream news show alongside an equally coherent and intelligible Kid Capri showing that not all in Hip Hop are like Cam’ron.

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