Kosha Dillz – Matzah 4 Yo’ Mouf Records Presents Kosha Dillz

Matzah 4 Yo’ Mouf Records Presents Kosha Dillz

On the A or ‘gully side’ of this record, Kosha drops 4 different mixes, two attributed to Kosha and two attributed to Dirty Swine. This prompts the question ‘Was there ever an original mix or just subsequent mixes?’

In any case, if the name isn’t enough to prompt a listen, then keep in mind that Kosha’s got “Ecto-Cooler Style.” The lead-off joint, titled “Chainsaw Music” is a dark sociopathic joint about marauding with Uzis and, of course, chainsaws. “Sing along to the ambulance sirens” Kosher suggests. The music on this track (which is very nearly the same on both Kosha and Dirty’s mixes) is half horror-core half spaghetti-western, which should be no surprise given the subject matter.

“Hairychest 2 Hollywood” is a more up-tempo joint that gives Kosha a chance to roll off silly lines like: “twenty-two inch rims on the Ford Taurus battleship.” The track seems to be about the incongruity of a Hasidic Jew burning up Hollywood. While grindin the system, Kosh heads to, amongst other locales, “to the synagogue and back to the block.”

Keeping with the alt-horror-core tip, “Zone Out” is like a haunted circus jam. It’s a lonely psychotic sort of track. “Zone out to the xylophone” says Kosha; he means to say tweak out on the merry-go-round while he flips wicked zombie scrips like “Walking around the streets with my head split / blood leakin, lungs collapsed and I keep breathin.”

Kosha’s got some scary shit and some clever shit (“We watch this money grow like Jack and the Beanstalk.”) He takes pride in this music being “something Marilyn Manson wouldn’t even dance to.” I might disagree, however, cause you could definitely mob and bob to the more upbeat numbers. And there’s a bonus track to boot on the ‘Grimey Side’: Yak Ballz joins Kosher on the creepy laid back “Get Da Duh,” a nice noir-ish joint with a simple catchy hook.

Yea. A nice 12-inch effort with three instrumentals. A solid three stars.

Rating: 4/5

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