Kokayi – 8-BIT Ubermentals


DOWNLOAD: Kokayi – 8-BIT Ubermentals

Just two and a half weeks ago, he was there for fans with the new single “Feeling Summery” and to announce the remix EP for his highly acclaimed album, Robots & Dinosaurs. Now, Kokayi is showing more love for his faithful fans, releasing a free instrumental album duly titled 8-Bit Ubermentals. In the spirit of spring cleaning, Kokayi recently racked his hard drive, hand selecting and bundling up 17 instrumental tracks for the release. “I’ve had tracks sitting for some time that I never let see the light of day,” explains Kokayi, “and in celebration of progression I went through about 500 tracks and picked out those that meant the most to me. If I can give back to those that have given me support via my Ustream, buying my records or just offering a word of encouragement, then I will. So it’s the big giveback. A thanks from me to my supporters.”

In addition to this free instrumental album, Kokayi is also, fittingly, giving fans a deeper look into his production techniques with his very own Behind The Beats interview, presented by Digital Hustle Films. This comprehensive interview covers topics ranging from how he got his start in the music industry to his Grammy nomination, and everything in-between, including his favorite producers, emcee’s, and some of his production theory. And best yet, in the video you can hear some unreleased production work from Kokayi’s personal beat lab.

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