Kice Of Course – “New Experience”

Artist – Kice Of Course
Album – “New Experience”
Label – Smacks Records

The first trackentitled “From the inside”, on a first listen has a very
different beat. Its almost trippy in a way, and although im not crazy
about the beats, the rhymes arent half bad.The track basically speaks
what it says, Kice from the inside; his struggle from the get go and
how its inspired him to become who he is. In my opinion, this track
could have been placed differently on the cd, because its not the
strongest track.

The next track had me from the start, the beat is really
laid back and grabs your attention right away. “Miracles” , has Kice
rhymin about life and how hes hopin for his time to come. Kice says he
learned the value of a dollar from when he was small, and takes nothing
for granted because he never knows when itll be his day. So all you big
time scouts, Kice is waitin patiently for a miracle to

Track number four is called “Competition”. Kice introduces
himself and his skills. The rhymes are hot in this track, but I wasnt
feelin the beats too much., they didnt flow with the lyrics in my
opinion. But maybe its just something Im not used to hearing. It
sounded more like a freestyle than a track on an album. The beats were
electronice sounding, which was unique but not my style.

Track five stands out and immediately struck me as West
Coast type flow. “Cruisin” has Kice rhymin about a laid back drive and
random thoughts as he goes for a ride. Its Kice’s idea of a relaxing
escape from his hectic life “sunroof back, windows crack, smokin on a

“Thumpin” is the title of the track that comes up next.
This track has Kice callin himself the David Blane of rap. Another
unique beat, sort of a mix of a Japanese tune with a 70’s funk beat ,
if you could imagine that.This track is basically directed at people
unaware of Kice’s talent, and a word to keep their ears open to
experience his magic.

The next track is called “As the world turns”. Kice rhymes
about his views on the world and the trials of the road to sucess. This
was my personal favorite, because the advice Kice offers is real. I
especially liked the reference he made to “Barnes and Noble”, its music
to a bookworms ears. He uses his experience to speak to listeners who
are willing to hear his views. Kice says everybosys got alot to learn
about their decisions in life, and he includes himself, and thats real.

“Aint Ready” is the title to track number eight. Nobodys
ready for Kice’s style, “its like brushin the teeth of a crocodile”.
This track has a hot beat , goes smoothly with lyrics , especially
lovin the one about the crocodile. The flow continues throughout the
entire song, begining to end. Very nicely done.

Track number nine is on a different note, a rhyme about
Kice’s mother. “Moma’s Groove” has Kice giving props to his mom for
raising him and making him the man he is today. Kice reminices about
childhood and lessons his mom taught him and how strongly his moms
groove influenced him today. Sweet track.

Number eleven is called “Everything”. Its a track where
Kice talks about a relationship. It kinda reminded me of a Biggie song,
it had that type of flow. What I was confused about was how he talks
about expensive items for his girl, matching outfits, shoes, bags, but
just a couple of tracks ago he was preachin about spendin wisely. Whats
up with that Kice?

The next track is called “Losin”. It comes in with a
depressing rock n roll sound to it. I guess it appropriate since its
Kice rhymin about a bad day, Not the beat to listen to if youre havin a
bad day, its that type of song thatll make your day even more
depressin. I couldnt listen to the whole track cuz it just so happens I
was havin a bad day already. Sorry Kice.

“Say Something” is up next, comes through with an angry
sounding beat. I was feeling the lyrics , this track has a battle style
flow, with special appearances. I liked this one alot.

Next up is “My Style”. Kice has a diffferent flow , but a
smooth style and he wants everyone to know just how nice it is. “My
styles like unexplainable” . Yes Kice I definitely have to agree with
you on that one. Jazzy beat with genious rhymes, which makes an
ultimate combo.

“Rip” is the last track listed on the album. Kice pays respect to all
his loved ones , rhymin about all things hell never forget about each

Overall the album introduced a new style to hip hop in my
mind, it not only met my expectations, but surprised me as well; and
everybody loves surprises. Go cop this…

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