Kanye towers over 50 by 200,000

Kanye West & 50 CentSeptember 11 was the day that has been much hyped about recently seeing the release of Kanye West’s 3rd album “Graduation” and 50 Cent’s album “Curtis”. In an effort to stir up controversy and marketing buzz, 50 Cent had announced that if Kanye West were to sell more than him on release day that he would quit rapping. Well, Curtis we are about to see if you are a man of your word. Kanye West beat 50 Cent yesterday by about 200,000 record sales.

The talk of who would win has been filling Hip Hop circles for weeks. Most gave 50 Cent the nod out of default. Many agreed but wished that Kanye would come out on top. I was a member of the latter group. Although evidence could be cited that “Curtis” wasn’t going to have as successful a day as 50’s previous efforts. At least 5 singles were released to promote “Curtis” but none of them took hold of the fans like they did in the past.

News.com.au writes:

50 Cent said he’d hang up his mic if Kanye West’s new album outsold his. He might have spoken too soon.

Critics are raving about West’s Graduation – and its already sold 200,000 more units than Fiddy’s Curtis since yesterday’s same-day release in the US.

The hip-hop egomaniacs were pitted against each other when, last month, Fiddy said on sohh.com:

“If Kanye West sells more records than 50 Cent on September 11, I’ll no longer (perform) music. I’ll write music and work with my other artists but I won’t put out any more solo albums.”

Associated Press said on the strength of the albums, West could claim a “landslide victory.”

“… Graduation still sound like a logical step forward. Yet Curtis sounds like Fiddy is standing in place … Fiddy’s outsized cockiness sounds like a comfortable artist repeating himself, afraid to tinker with his winning formulas.”

Ryan Dombal, from Pitchfork, gave Fiddy just 4.9 stars out of 10.

“in direct opposition to Kanye’s fearless, risk-taking, Graduation, 50’s new album is a blatant rehash – a bottom-line sequel that insults the same audience it mildlessly panders to.”

Respected sie HiphopDX said: “50 cent may be a superstar, but Curtis is pedestrian.”

But critics heaped praise on West’s Graduation.

Rolling Stone gave the album 4.5 stars out of five, saying: “This is an album that you first like, then love.”

HiphopDX echoed the sentiment.

“Kanye has created another must-have album that will continuously bump on your CD players and mp3’s for months to come.”

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