Kam Moye – Step By Step (Produced by D.R.)

Kam Moye Releases Outtake Track From Forthcoming Album, Splitting Image

Kam Moye

DOWNLOAD: Kam Moye – “Step By Step” (Produced by D.R.)

For Kam Moye, the decision to stray away from his original moniker, Supastition, and use his birth name is a reflection on the maturing subject matter and content he plans to explore on his new album. Now, his first album under the new name, Splitting Image, is due October 27 on MYX Music Label. Before the album drops, however, Kam has a special treat for those anticipating the release. Even though he believes “Step By Step” is dope, Kam says, “This is a little something to hold over the listeners. It was originally recorded for the album, but didn’t quite make the cut because of me wanting more conceptual songs on the project.” D.R., who serves as one of the main producers on the album, also collaborated with Kam for this track, laying the dirty, soul-inspired beat fans have grown accustomed to hearing Kam Moye spit on. While “Step By Step” might not fit the new album, it certainly stands on its own. Kam documents his plan to succeed by taking his time and doing ‘this hip-hop thing’ the right way, “Rappers nowadays they fightin’ for space on your hard drive / Me, I’d rather have a place in the archive.” Be sure to get a taste of Kam Moye’s new sound, and look out for Splitting Image October 27th.

Also, Kam Moye and longtime producer DJ D.R. have been selected by Complex Magazine and Grey Goose Vodka as the North Carolina representative for their Rising Icons campaign. This is a huge opportunity and we truly need everyone’s support to bring this home. The winner gets a live performance on BET’s Rising Icons special. Complex Magazine and Grey Goose will be organizing a showcase for Kam Moye and D.R. in Charlotte next month providing the attendees with FREE Grey Goose vodka and much more.

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