Kam Moye – MYX TV DIG Feature

Despite his substantial underground following, rapper Kam Moye is making a strong push toward widespread mainstream acclaim. Kam has a new album, Splitting Image, and recently made an appearance on MYX TV’s show DIG to promote it. The feature delves into the genesis of Kam’s rap career at the age of nine in Greenville, North Carolina. It also serves to introduce those unfamiliar with Kam’s career to his unique hybrid of East Coast and Southern hip-hop styles. As he explains in the video feature, Kam’s music is all about finding a balance in life. On Splitting Image, Kam succeeds in breaking away from well-worn hip-hop themes and delves into more cerebral, soulful subjects. In fact, when citing local musical influences, Kam lists artists such as James Brown, Nina Simone, and George Clinton rather than rappers.

Television was a new experience for Kam. “I’m more accustomed to being in the recording studio but it showed me how important it is to have a strong visual or onscreen presence.” The MYX TV appearance may have been Kam’s first onscreen appearance, but it certainly won’t be his last. “I’m shooting a series of videos so it’s taught me to be a lot more animated and charismatic. I’m very grateful to be featured on MYX TV. To be able to be featured on TV while still being in my element is a blessing. You never know who is watching.”

Kam Moye’s new album, Splitting Image, will be available October 27th via MYX Music Label.

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