Kam Moye (aka Supastition) – Blue Skies

Kam Moye Teams With Producer Apollo Brown For This Breakup Anthem

Kam Moye aka Superstition

DOWNLOAD: Kam Moye Teams With Producer Apollo Brown For This Breakup Anthem

Kam Moye (aka Supastition) returns to close out this summer with a brand new breakup anthem, produced by Detroit’s up and comer Apollo Brown. The track is “Blue Skies,” but don’t let the title throw you. The flowing lyrics are not about blue skies, but the lack thereof. Kam Moye rhymes about a relationship gone wrong and the frustration of trying to save face in public, a dilemma that many can relate to. About this theme, Kam states that, “The song isn’t really about my own relationship, but more-so written from the standpoint of people close to me. It’s about being with someone who seemed perfect in the beginning but somewhere down the line, just got too comfortable and became a big disappointment in your eyes.” He raps, “When people see us in public they think it’s all love, like, ‘take a look at them two together, they got it all,’ but little do they know we rarely get our problems solved. Most of the time I’m wishing that I was not involved.” These straight forward, no BS lyrics combine with a looped, slightly eerie female vocal melody to preach the tracks message. “There are no blue skies.” Be on the look out the debut Kam Moye album, Splitting Image via MYX Music Label. The album will be in stores October 27, 2009.

Also, Kam Moye and longtime producer DJ D.R. have been selected by Complex Magazine and Grey Goose Vodka as the North Carolina representative for their Rising Icons campaign. This is a huge opportunity and we truly need everyone’s support to bring this home. The winner gets a live performance on BET’s Rising Icons special. Complex Magazine and Grey Goose will be organizing a showcase for Kam Moye and D.R. in Charlotte next month providing the attendees with FREE Grey Goose vodka and much more.

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