K-Beta – Come Closer featuring Mina

“Come Closer” directed by Q Ledbetter is the first video from the K-Beta’s debut album Inglorious Beta. Special guests on the album include Diamond District (Oddisee, XO and yU), tabi Bonney and Illa Ghee with production by Kev Brown, J-Scrilla, Grussle and Soulful.

“Come Closer is about post-breakup uncertainty,” said K-Beta of the song. “It details the moments shared between two people who aren’t sure if they really want to be apart – even after both have gone as far as to declare the relationship over. They finally get the freedom they thought they wanted, and it’s unfamiliar. It’s not what they are used to, so they start to miss the good times, thinking about what could have been done differently to make it work. At the same time, there is so much resentment and bad memories by this time, so they are both struggling to stay afloat in a sea of conflicting emotions.”

Inglorious Beta will availble for free on April 1st exclusively at DJBooth.net.

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