Jurassic 5 f/The Dap Kings- Red Hot

Jurassic 5 – Red Hot feat. The Dap Kings
prod. DJ Nu-Mark
Up Above Records

Has the Chemist left? Are there actually five members in Jurassic now? As far as their touring line-up goes, it would seem so. Anyway, this single is to promote the new record, which, for the life of me, I could not find the title to. Little help?

The house-band of Daptone Records, The Dap Kings, assist Nu-Mark with the groove on “Red Hot”. Together they deliver a layered rhythm: swung funk with mambo accents anchored by riffs traded between the bass and guitar. A devilish kazoo breaks up the verses. Numark deserves more instrumental time on this track; more music could have beefed up the track and paced it better. Numark’s ‘Bonus Beat’ is a nice addition, but the beat is only a reworked version of the “Red Hot” groove – nonetheless, get sample-happy, kids.

Chali and the gang deliver clever rhymes at an admirable pace, though the words in the chorus do seem a bit forced through the quantizer: “This jam is red hot / when we’re rockin the spot / if you like it or not / this jam is red hot.” Still they do “release static with a grammatic fiasco”, and “Red Hot” is a decent intro or party-track, but at this point, we all know J5 and we know they rock the spot in spite of nay-sayers. Hopefully their forthcoming album will be better fleshed out than this scant 12-inch.

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