Junk Science – Really, Man Video

The Video:

John Ta directs a new concept music video of Junk Science‘s “Really, Ma“. Baje One and Snafu play the roles of John Lennon and Mark David Chapmen as they reenact the assassination of the late, great Beatle. Baje One’s lyrics of “Really, Man” detail the perspective of Mark David Chapmen looking back on the tragic events, regretting his decision, rapping, “the best teacher is time.” The group uses modern hindsight of the world-changing event that imparting deep meaning with the video for the group’s latest single. John Ta calls the music video his “proudest moment as a Music Video Director.”

“Really, Man”
Junk Science
A Miraculous Kind Of Machine
Modern Shark Records

Written, Produced, Directed & Edited By
John Ta

Leland Krane

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