Joe Budden Teams Up with Luxury Car Company

Los Angeles, CA-Next up; Joe Budden hops aboard the Carlyle Motor Club (CMC) rhyme fest. The luxury leasing company has just released the full versioned commercial many have been awaiting. Geoffrey Hull, owner of CMC, initially selected Budden labeling the conjunction as a “match made in heaven”. He explains, “Joe Budden has a massive internet presence and because our campaign is based primarily on viral marketing, it is our belief that his web presence coupled with our viral strategy is perfect.” He proceeds to commend the rapper’s unyielding ability. Hull notes, “There are few artists that can demonstrate the lyrical dexterity of a Joe Budden.” True, but does he outshine Raekwon? You be the judge. (

Company Information

Established in 2007, The Carlyle Motor Club (CMC) offers affordable leases to the stars and main-street consumers for big ticket luxury vehicles. The Carlyle Motor Club offers up to 36 month leases for Bentleys, Mercedes, and BMW’s with a “No Credit Check” liability. The company prides itself on its five keystones of business; Integrity, Legitimacy, Specialty, Honesty, and Liability. CMC offers customers the ability to jump in & out of different cars within the inventory whenever they like compared to other dealers who traditionally require customers to sign a 2-5 year agreement.

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