Joe Budden Mood Muzik 3 Album Release Party

Joe Budden at Mood Muzik 3 Album Release at Don Hills in NYCI’m pretty sure he loves H.E.R. In a hole in the wall performing for no more than 50 adoring fans, Joe Budden performed like it was essential to his well being. It had to be the least publicized album release party for an artist who’s single dominated the air waves a couple years ago. Going from Def Jam’s promising stable, where the opportunities were endless, to an up-start label would single handedly crush other people. Joey seems to embrace his current label venture and use it as a motivating factor in his quest for raps holy grail.

The official party time was set at 9 but most people like myself arrived at 10:30. A Queens M C who’s alias was Creature opened up for Joe burning quickly through his set . He wasn’t bad but even the 10 people in the crowd that were feeling him were relieved he only did 3 songs. The DJ mixed it up before Regular Joe arrived with an entourage that collectively overwhelmed the people already in attendance. Budden mingled before hitting the stage but when he did it was straight down to business.

Killa B. H. played Flavor Flav and it was evident why. He had enough energy to make one wonder, did he just come from smoking crack? Joey rattled off most of Mood Muzik 3 but still threw in classic’s like “Walk Wit Me” and “Pump it Up”. I was so impressed that he had the breathe control, heart and memory to perform “Dumb Out”. Most artists can’t even complete whole tracks but he went on a 7+ minute tangent effortlessly. He ended the show with “Send Him Our Love” a tribute to Stack Bundles and “All of Me”. “All of Me” was done for crowd appeasement; an extremely personal track, it’s Budden at his best.

The industry tried to black ball Joe Budden. Don Hill’s, an Ed Hardy inspired club on Spring and Greenwich in Lower Manhatten, housed him. Amalgam Digital, an up-start record label based in Boston Massachusetts, harbors him. The internet supports him and for that night, presumably 50 adoring fans witnessed the beginning of his comeback. We basked, celebrated and cheered the righting of a tattered ship. He’s here cause he got up. Its evident he loves H.ER. but what’s more noteworthy is she loves him back.

Check the pics from the event in the gallery – Joe Budden Mood Muzik 3 Album Release Party Pictures

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