Joe Budden – Lost Control (Kendrick Lamar Response)

Joe Budden - Lost Control

Joe Budden - Lost Control

Finally Joe Budden dropped the response to Kendrick Lamar that he teased was coming days ago. Joey’s twitter has been alive with pressure to release this after he deleted the tweets eluding to a his response. Personally, I’ve been looking forward to Budden’s bars because when Joe is on one he’s incredible. With this “Lost Control” he doesn’t disappoint. This response puts a lot of people on blast for quality control in their bars and bigs up Hip Hop at the same time. If you’ve ever listened to Budden you know he loves Hip Hop competition and he’s good at it. Kendrick Lamar did his fair share of stings from the Jerz emcee, “From an overview, whats noticeable is that he barely gave me any quotables. I state facts, not to say its wack but check the playback, Out rhyming ASAP, aint showing me where your weight at.”

And still at this time there are no responses from the Kendrick 11.

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