JLove Calderon – Asia One: Expect the Unexpected Short Film

Asia One: Expect the Unexpected

BGirl Asia One is the subject of this 12-minute short film by JLove Calderon. Asia One talks about here connection with Bboying and dancing and her motivations. This is Calderon’s first film project.

Asia One: Expect the Unexpected is a 12 minute short film about legendary hip hop artist, Asia One. The viewer takes a behind-the-scenes journey of how Hip-Hop culture, specifically bboying, saved her life — and how she continues to give back to urban youth in her respective communities. Through candid interviews with Asia One, the film offers a unique perspective on her life as a single mother, as a pioneer in the world of bboy competition, on how race and identity has impacted her life, and how the diverse elements of Hip-Hop culture can transform lives. Asia’s story is a testimony to breaking through economic, gender, and race barriers to find a perfect beat.

Asia One: Expect the Unexpected

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