Jay Z – The Story of O.J. Video

The first video released off of Jay Z’s 14th studio album sees Jigga transformed into a stereotypical animated depiction of a black person that used to dominate the cartoons of the past. Anyone who has ever watched Bug Bunny or Tom and Jerry era cartoons have seen this before. The imagery in the “The Story of O.J.” doesn’t hold back in delivering the message of the song. That message is one that black folk are very familiar with – which is that no matter how much you accomplish that you will always be regarded as something less in the eyes of many. Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Henry Louis Gates are just a few of the successful black people who have excelled but still faced bigotry and racism due to their skin color.

As depressing as it sounds though, Hov gives some gems for raising up the black community such as exercising fiscal responsibility, striving for financial freedom, and learning about investing in order to create generational wealth.

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