Jay Z – 4:44 Video

The video for 4:44’s title track and Jay Z’s self-reflection on cheating on his wife Beyonce is a mix of viral videos, interpretive dance, and personal footage. The world first speculated that something was amiss was during the elevator incident when sister-in-law Solange was putting the hands on Jigga. Curiosity grew further when Beyonce spoke about “Becky with the good hair” on her Lemonade release. Hov puts the speculation to rest with “4:44”.

The video seemingly doesn’t fit and is open to interpretation. The dance bits could represent the dance of a relationship between two people; Jay and Bey. The viral videos seem to convey certain messages. The clips of couples fighting are pretty straightforward whereas the clip of a guy trying to get clarity on whether or not his friend spit in his cup is not. However, the point there is trust. With some of the others, your guess is as good as mine but they each more than likely represent a certain emotion. The ending concert footage shows good times the two shared and the home footage of their daughter Blue shows what Jay could have lost. In this way Sean Carter admits that these are the things that should take precedence above all else.

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