Jamie Drastik released Now or Later

Jamie Drastik – Now Or Later

Sixty-nine miles north of the Big Apple lies the upstate town of Wappinger Falls, New York and home to one tall, skinny, skilled emcee – JAMIE DRASTIK. Jamie truly represents New York’s "state" of mind from his outlook on life to his verses over beats.

Growing up on the influences from Poughkeepsie’s local music scene and the frequent hour and a half train ride to experience NYC’s vast music scene, Jamie’s perspective is instantly clear, intelligent & fresh.

After a few years on the grind, creating new music, ghost writing, and all around hustling – Jamie is seeing his hard work pay off and its only the beginning.

While applying the finishing touches to his Indie release ‘The Inevitable’ his track ‘Now Or Later’ has hit the airwaves across the country with little or no promotion. Listed on MySpace’s Top 100 indie artists, Jamie has ranked #13 among the independent artists with myspace spins of 6-10K a day and major radio stations spinning the track daily.

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