Jaheim spearheads Verizon’s V-Cast Marketing Campaign

Album drops Feb 14th

January 23rd, 2006

The US wireless carrier Verizon has hooked up with
crooner Jaheim with the announcement of their new
V Cast Music Service. The V Cast Music service
launched on January 16 and is the nation’s first
wireless broadband multimedia service for consumers
that brings high-quality video, 3D games and music
straight to phones.

V CAST Music customers will have exclusive access
to “A Capella,” a four song EP from Jaheim. This EP is
the first album ever to be released exclusively
through a wireless service company. Jaheim will be
featured in their media campaign which includes TV,
radio and websites spots. Currently Jaheim is having
great success with his current single, “Everytime I
Think About Her” featuring Jadakiss. His new album,
Ghetto Classics, will be in stores February 14th.

Customers buying songs from V Cast will pay 99
cents for purchases from the PC or $1.99 to
download the songs directly to a mobile phone. Those
who purchase songs will get two licensed copies —
one for phone playback and one for the PC.

Entire albums also can be purchased through a
computer connection. The catalog of music will
include some one million tunes, with selections from
major music labels, including Warner Music Group, EMI
Music, Universal, and Sony/BMG.

Jaheim’s Track Listing of Ghetto Classic. Album in
stores February 14th.

1. The Chosen One

2. Everytime I Think
About Her

3. Daddy Thing


5. Like A DJ


7. I Ain’t Never


9. Masterpiece


11. Come

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