J Dilla passes away


*from Stones Throw Records

Rumours run rampant in the entertainment industry all the time. There is always a new rumour floating around. So when you hear something new you never know what to believe and what not to believe. Rumours of people dieing come around all too often. Unfortunately some rumours are true.

J Dilla, born James Yancey and also known as Jay Dee, died at 8:00 am
on February 10, 2006 at his California home. He passes away just three
days after his 32nd birthday. In a recent XXL interview he had this to
say about his health condition. “I
went overseas for two weeks and was eatin’ all this crazy-ass food. As
soon as I got back, I had the flu or something, and I had to check
myself into the hospital. Then they (doctors) [found] out I had a
ruptured kidney and was malnourished from not eatin’ the right kinda
food. It was real simple, but it ended with me being in the hospital.”

Dilla’s label Stones Throw Records opens their site with a simple blank
page containing only a picture of J Dilla and the words “R.I.P. J Dilla
1974-2006”. His instrumental album Donuts,
which was created in a hospital bed and home studio while recovering
from his illness, has been getting very positive reviews from the
critics and fans alike. In the words of one journalist “make no
mistake: Dilla is still the illest.”

The Hip Hop community’s reaction to the news is a very expected sadness. DJ Prizmatik of the online Hip Hop Radio Station Hip Hop Fundamentalz.com quoted to OneTwoOneTwo “When I found out, everyone around me was goin’ crazy. I’m in cali right now so I’m chillin with people that chilled with him. Emails came in from every source both commercial and hip hop. Its a big blow for hip hop period. He will be missed.”

HHG reported that DJ Premier had this to say, “for those that really know HIP HOP…….this goes out to Jay Dee who we know as J Dilla formerly of the group Slum Village who left this earth this morning in California…….Although he was from Detroit, he was very sicc lately and just finished touring the world under the circumstances………..True Warrrior and on of the hottest producers in the world of Hip Hop……….Rest In Peace My Dude…..You aint sicc no more…..DJ Premier “

R.I.P. J-Dilla 1974-2006

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