Indie on the Move staff members warning

Indie on the Move Staff

Good afternoon everyone,

We have received some alarming news in the last couple of days that there are at least a few Indie on the Move imposters out there trying to poach on the good nature of Indie on the Move members and falsely represent them as a “booking agent” or rep of some sort. Obviously they are discrediting our company and trying to steal your money.

To be clear, the Indie on the Move staff is very small and our names are as follows…

Kyle Weber
Bryan Weber
Lindsay Weber
Shaun Weber
Terry Sharkey
Ian Sharkey
David Urbanic
and a couple of interns that vary from time to time.

If anyone contacts you with a name other than what is listed above and claims to be a part of our company please do not buy into their hype (or at least check with us to see if they are legit as we are adding a few staff members here and there). The one name in particular that keeps popping up is Ben Thomas. We have no affiliation with a Ben Thomas and have never met a man with this name.

And please please please – if you ever have an inkling that this is happening contact us immediately and let us know via

Thank you for your understanding and patience in this matter. And of course let us know how we can help the continued growth of your musical career. We are here to help.


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