Illa J “Sounds Like Love” feat. Debi Nova

“Sounds Like Love” now looks, feels, and smells like love in Illa J’s new video that manages to stimulate all of the senses. As Illa sits in solitude reflecting on the love he feels for his lady, we can smell the smoke filled air and see the hallucinating effect a dose of romantic love can have. We can even feel the warmth as the mermaid’s movements compliment Debi Nova’s sensual vocals. The mermaid is played by Brendali Staana, known for her work as a former ballerina with American Ballet Theatre. The video was directed by Dina Juntila, who previously worked with Delicious Vinyl as a photographer and designer for many of their album covers. This is her directorial debut and she came up with the idea for the underwater shoot. Originally the idea was to have Illa underwater as well, but as Juntila tells it, “Mike Ross (Founder of Delicious Vinyl) taught Illa J how to swim for the video, unfortunately not well enough to get him underwater for the actual shoot.” Probably would have been hard for Illa to smoke underwater anyway…

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