Hip-Hop Legend Rakim Drops “Holy Are You” On July 28, 2009 Lead Single From Long Awaited Album The Seventh Seal

Rakim - Holy Are You

Rakim - Holy Are YouHip-Hop Legend


Drops “Holy Are You” On July 28, 2009

Lead Single From Long Awaited Album


(Ra Records / TVM / SMC Recordings)

July 14, 2009 (New York, NY)  In the history of Hip-Hop, few artists have had as great an impact on the development and progression of the art form and lyrical style as Rakim.  On July 28, 2009 the man many call The God MC will drop “Holy Are You” – the hypnotic lead single off of his long awaited new album The Seventh Seal, to be released early fall, 2009 on the artists Ra Records imprint in a joint venture with TVM and SMC Recordings and distributed through Fontana / Universal Music Group.

His first full album of new material in almost a decade, The Seventh Seal is Rakim’s contemporary observation of the Hip-Hop culture he helped define.  While staying loyal to his New York roots, the artist has created a body of work that encompasses the very best of regional, underground and mainstream styles reformed and delivered through his intricate lyricism and the seemingly effortless flow for which he is revered.  The first single, “Holy Are You” (produced by long-time Rakim collaborator Nick Wiz for Preserve the Art) embodies the overall concept of the album, communicating Rakim’s worldview and spirituality through artistic interpretation of scriptures and revelations about the coming of the Apocalypse and each persons role in the world around them.  Additional releases prior to the albums early Fall drop range from seething character studies of life in modern times and personal stories of self-awareness to feel good anthems celebrating music and Hip-Hop in all of its forms.

The artist states, ‚The Seventh Seal is my own revelation. . . my way of taking the best of what Hip-Hop has to offer, what we as a culture and a community have to offer, putting my stamp on it and leading us forward while constantly respecting what we’ve already accomplished.  When you’ve been blessed with a career like mine, you develop a deep relationship with the music and that love is recognized by the true heads that share it with you.  Holy Are You is for those core brothers and sisters. . . the first building block, the lyrical and spiritual piece, of an album that’s my monument to Hip-Hop past, present and future.  You’ll see us keep building as we break through each Seal. . .showing the best of what I can do in many forms, bringing the energy and having fun, but first I’m laying that foundation and give my longtime fans the conscious fire they expect.


Universally referenced as one of the Masters of the Microphone and an influence and inspiration to his peers and followers alike, Rakim first exploded onto the scene with the release of iconic Eric B. is President in 1986 with long time collaborator Eric B.  The single marked a turning point in the Rap world, raising the bar for future emcees and revolutionizing the way rhymes are delivered.  Rakim’s intricately, intellectual lyrics draw their force from his worldly experience, inner faith and progressive contemplation, fueled by a deep understanding of not just Hip-Hop, but also the Jazz and R&B influences that have surrounded his family since his youth.  Rakim’s recordings, including the all-time classics, Paid In Full, Follow the Leader and The 18th Letter – have sold in the multi-millions worldwide.  Billboard, Rolling Stone, MTV and a host of others consistently refer to Paid in Full as “the greatest Hip-Hop album of all time”, a claim often repeated in audience polls. The Seventh Seal marks the first album under his own imprint, Ra Records, allowing a true freedom in creative control unparalleled since his monumental first recordings.


Established in March of 2005, SMC Recordings is home to independent music and artists. Based in San Francisco, CA, the company’s prized accomplishment is its unique philosophy of artist development, where artists are encouraged to participate with the label from inception through maintenance of their career. This innovative structure has garnered industry veterans to join the company and aid in its growth.  SMC’s range of artist owned label partners includes national heavyweights like Rakim and Killer Mike along with a staple of regional acts constantly being developed such as Messy Marv, The Jacka, and the Town Thizzness brand.. SMC is distributed by Fontana, the indie subsidiary of Universal. It is SMC’s humble regional beginnings and loyalty to their artists and their careers that will guarantee the company to always be on the precipice of creativity and expansion in the music game.

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