Hip Hop Legend Grand Master Caz joins Rapathon 5!


For the first time in Rapathon history we are naming a Grand Marshal to the event. It gives us great honor to announce that the “Grandest of them All” Grandmaster Caz has been named as the first GRAND MARSHAL of The RAPATHON! There may be some people who are not aware of how heavy in the game Caz is, so get your Hip Hop weight up and read on.


Born in the Boogie Down Bronx Caz is a former B-Boy and Grafitti buff
who graduated to the ranks of the Hip-Hop dj elite starting in 1974 under the name Casanova Fly after he witnessed a Kool Herc Jam.  He first inducted his friend Louis Cedeno who would soon become dj Disco Wiz and started on his historical Hip-Hop journey. Caz formed The Mighty Force Crew featuring DJ Mighty Mike, JDL, Whipper Whip & Dotarock (The Original Salt & Pepa MC’s). After a lightening fast turntable exhibition at a Bronx Hip-Hop spot, Caz was awarded the title Grandmaster by his peers and soon shortened his Casanova name to Caz.  Soon after Wiz’s departure and some lineup changes the group was reformed as The Mighty Force Five which by now was managed by Hank Jackson later know as Big Bank Hank.  After some borrowed lyrics from Caz resulted in Hank’s recruitment by The Sugarhill Gang ( inadvertently making Caz Hip-Hop’s first ghostwriter ). Caz picked up the pieces once again and with his partner in rhyme JDL formed the Notorious Two and they performed as a duo throughout 1979.  Caz was soon recruited himself along with JDL by the Coldcrush Brothers and made it official in 1980. During the transition from turntable to microphone Caz became the first dj to cut and rhyme simultaneously!  By this time the microphone was Caz’s main outlet for expression and becoming Captain of the Coldcrush gave him a canvas for that expression.  His innovative rhyme styles and routine writing helped propel the Coldcrush Brothers to legendary status as one of the most dynamic and innovative and admired groups in Hip-Hop history.  After their first song Weekend on the Elite label the Brothers signed to Tuff City Records where they recorded four singles including the hit Fresh, Wild, Fly & Bold.  Caz also released several solo singles for the label and an album entitled The Grandest of Them All!

In 1986 Caz won the New Music Seminar battle for World Supremacy and 3 years later was in Los Angeles dj’ing and a council member of the Zulu Nations west coast contigency.  While in LA Caz remade his famous Yvette rap for Malcom Mclaren’s World Famous Supreme Team Album.

He also performed at the rapmania pay per view special.  Soon Caz returned home and reunited with his Coldcrush Brothers.
Since then Caz has been spreading the gospel of Hip-Hop to the masses.
DJing, Peforming, Hosting, Teaching, Consulting and Promoting are only a few hats that Caz wears today.  He is the head historian and guide on his own Hush Hip Hop sightseeing Tours, Pioneer and Cultural Ambassador for the Sedgwick and Cedar Corporation, Official Host of the Tools of War Summer Park Jams, CEO of his own GMC Entertainment Co. and member of the Universal Federation for the Preservation of Hip-Hop Culture as well as part owner and historical consultant for Rarehiphop.com.  He speaks on panels at colleges all over the country and continues to represent our Hip-Hop culture to the fullest!

Group Affiliations: Cold Crush Brothers: Captain, Zulu Nation: King, Rock Steady Crew: Honorary Member, Bronx Walk of Fame: Member
Universal Federation for the Preservation of HipHop Culture: Member film: Wildstyle, Rhyme & Reason, Beef 2, The Freshest Kids, Way of the B-Boy, Beat This, When We Were Kings, Five Brothers in a Cadillac, Step Up 3D, The Art of Rap.

tv: Midday Live, Ice T’s Rap School, The White Rapper Show, Hip-Hop Babylon, VH1 Top 100 Rap Songs, And You Don’t Stop, VH1’s Hip-Hop Honors, BET’s Rap City & 106 & Park, Yo MTV Raps and more.

Caz is considered by many one of the greatest MC’s ever and has written for and recorded with some of Hip-Hop’s biggest artists including Bizmarkie, LL Cool J, Grandmaster Flash, DJ Hollywood, Melle Mel, Chuck D, KRS 1 & Moby as well as hundreds of grass roots collaborations with young and upcoming artists. The Legend Continues……….

contact: GMC Entertainment: 646 232 4657                        grandmastercaz@yahoo.com

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