Hip Hop and Israel?

Well as you muts be wondering..sorry must be wondering…my
phone has been off and people are thinking I fell off the face of the
earth…sorry if you are a promoter and think I died in a terrorist explosion
but I am still Jewish enough to save 40 bucks and turn my phone off for the
three week trip I have embarked on to the mother land of all religions. So the
question is, what is hip hop is like out here??

“Musica CHazor” or black music, as many Israelis
call it, is quite laggin in many areas, but has lots of strong points. The
funny thing is that a Black Jew in Israel and a white Jew can seem to
express the infamous “n” word to each other when rap music comes on
in the clubs, or in general, because the ultimate relationship is that
they are Israeli Jews. It goes beyond skin color, but rather the blood that
runs in their veins. They are both on the same side if a war would
break out with a country and terrorists hate both colors as long as they are Jews. Hell,
there are even Indians here, but just not with red dots on their heads.
So, wouldn’t it be weird to make Hindu jokes/racial/slurs that wouldn’t
affect them? And in racial terms today, it’s not about American slavery,
but rather ancient slavery and the Holocaust. The difference in America is that
I as an Israeli, am considered white (as an Anglo-Saxon/protestant), and
in the culture I come from, this is not allowed, for the same reason a Catholic/Buddhist/Anglo-Saxon
person cannot make a Jewish slang reference to me.

Ass shaking is the universal language of Hip Hop, and
under all circumstances, Noreaga and Fat man Scoop continue to bump in
clubs.  Of course, we get to hear Dress from black sheep in the ever so infamous
remixes, followed by Lubavitch Jews lighting Chanukah candles in the
Underground club at 2 am

As gas prices go up all over the world,
especially in Israel, whom if you take away Oil from its neighboring Arab
countries, five million Jews will out produce 290 million Arabs of the
middle East (you can only imagine how expensive it is here), Daddy Yankee has
taught everyone how to “Junta la Gasolina!!!” For many reason,
Israelis would rather walk and shake their ass to the gas song than buy gas for
their vehicles.

 Home to the worst bar DJ’s in the world
had club Troy (Jerusalem), the DJ/Bartender would slip in Kosha Dillz at the
request of myself, and then play “Yupac Shakur I get around” (yes
Yupac) on repeat for five songs straight. We would then horribly mix it into
Eminem’s “And I don’t even know the name of my band.” And every
overseas club would not be complete with out some old school “fifty
cent” form is Columbia Records days (if my hip hop knowledge is correct)

 Does it get any better? Sure. Pimped out rides? Tel
Aviv is home to taxi cabs that are Mercedes Benz only, and every fat Jew can be
seen bumping more 50 Cent, overcharging you for a ride around the corner. Just imagine
Jews trying to make money off other Jews, all while dancing their money making
asses off to Blacksheep and 50 Cent, smoking hookah and raging against the
Some great quotes form my trip…”You break, you

 “This is bad
quality, this is good quality, this is best quality
 “Come take a look in my store, I’m from
Albama, my name is AL Bama, home of the Dixie, here we have the finest gold
 “Oh my God its Kosha Dillz!”


     To be continued…..


PS. All people for quotes wished to remain anonymous in this


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