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Highing Fly

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The Bronx born hip hop visionary known
to many as 6th Sense, has always shown early admiration for the truthful
form of hip hop culture. Although a native of the borough that fathered
the art, it was in New York City’s trendy Lower East Side where the
then young adolescent first grasped a firm hold for his calling while
verbalizing ingressive lyrical content in competitive open mic contests.
Instantly the confident and witty 14-year-old wordsmith became a crowd
favorite and was looked upon as a captivating MC among his much older
competitors. Years later he would go on to reign in the popular and
more advanced Fight Klub and Training Camp competitions, amongst some
of the most elite word slayers.

“People of all cultures respect
my individuality, it’s genuine.”- 6th

Although 6th Sense managed to win crowds
as an intent and tireless teen it was his illustrious solo skills that
led to his participation in the notable rap group The
Understudies. Even though the momentum was short lived, they managed
to score a hit with the 12” single, “Now and Then”, which
moved over a 1000 respectful units internationally and was the catalyst
of a soon to be solo career for the ambitious rapper.

Never an egotistic type, but resourceful
in numerous of ways, 6th couldn’t resist the fact that he acquired
a very business savvy mind. This ultimately led to his enrollment at
Northeastern University, where he is currently attending. He claims,
“I plan on getting this cut throat business to believe in my creativity.”
Hence the fact why he is only 1 year shy of fulfilling a Bachelors degree
in Music Industry. Independently establishing Notherground Music,
6th intends on showing the industry his entire realm of talent,
one he feels can blossom into a respected mind like a Clive Davis or
Tommy Matolla. With that being a primary goal, 6th
is set to drop the highly anticipated LP, Highing Fly.

Highing Fly
promises to live up to its maximum capacity.
“The mission of Highing Fly is to give people an album they can enjoy
in a personal setting. I wanted to show the world what Notherground
Music is capable of. I wanted to come from a human, artistic angle,
because everyone else is doing somewhat of the same thing.”
Which is why it’s no surprise top producer Scram Jones (Lloyd
Banks, Mariah Carrey, Notorious
B.I.G, Saigon, etc.) decided to jump behind the boards and execute
arguably the hottest summer street anthem “No Contest”
which features Notherground artist Wildabeast.
Also behind the boards is the very experimental Nicolay, (whom 6th
has shared the stage with many of times) lending his instrumental help
on “Make Rounds” where 6th demolishes the soulful
mid tempo drum patterns: “And I’m straight killing it for no
reason at all/ till I meet who’s overseeing it all/ ask him why we
feel the need to evolve/ and if we’re leavin it all up at the spot
that we’re reaching to fall.” It doesn’t stop there!
“I do it in a form that’s so fresh/ that when I’m done spittin
only God would flow next.” Frequency, member of 6th’s
former assembly, The Understudies, is also invited to endow his production
on Highing Fly as well. Frequency is best known for his work
on Cam’ron’s, “Ya’ll Can’t Live His Life” and is
always in one accord with his musical brother 6th. That is
why 6th called upon Frequency to oversee the entire Highing
Fly project.

With that being said, Highing Fly
is scheduled to uplift the world on 6/13. 6th Sense will
fill the missing piece of essence that New York Hip Hop has been missing
for the last couple of years. Never to be compared, 6th will
arguably leave a notable imprint with Highing Fly.
The young MC quotes: “I want to show that there’s an artist
and visionary from New York City who has a deep deep deep appreciation
and understanding for the roots and sound of the culture.”

“People always ask me,
‘what does Highing Fly mean?’ And I always tell them, it’s
a state of mind… it’s as simple as that.” ~Highing Fly (Intro)

Track listing for
Highing Fly

  1. Highing Fly (Into)
  2. Make Rounds prod. Nicolay
  3. Wake Up
  4. Getdownwitit f/ Wildabeast
  5. Wait
  6. De La Soul
  7. Step Out
  8. Who Could Be
  9. Fundamentals
  10. Stopfckinwitme
  11. No Contest f/ Wildabeast
    prod. Scram Jones
  12. Bounce
  13. Untitled
  14. My Story Remix f/ Mike Maven
    & Wildabeast
  15. Rewind

Produced by Frequency

Executive producers: 6th Sense
& Mike Maven

Co-Executive Producers: Daniel Eddy &
Evan Frank

Engineering: everyonebutyou

Mixing and Mastering: Mike Maven

Photography: Daniel Eddy.

For more info please check out: www.notherground.com

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