Heartfelt The New (Short Film) By Hen-Roq

Successful people can usual refer back to a specific moment in their lives where everything took a turn for the better. A lot of times these situations can turn good or bad depending on if your ready to take advantage of the moment. The pursuit of a record deal is a common dream that a lot of young boys have but not everyone grew up in a home of twenty and lived through a near death experience on the eve of signing a major recording agreement. HEARTFELT is the TRUE story of Asahn Simmons, better known as Hen-Roq, who found his self trying to maintain a loyal bond with a best friend since child hood, but also trying to remain focused on chasing his dreams of becoming a Successful Musician. Starring Asahn Simmons, Tobias Truvillion, Bre Scullark & More.

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