Has-Lo – Everything Is (Oddisee Remix)


DOWNLOAD: Has-Lo – Everything Is (Oddisee Remix)

Diamond District producer Oddisee , who described Has-Lo’s new album In Case I Don’t Make It as “a new and dark twist on what we all know and love” has jumped on the boards to offer up a sparse remix of Has-Lo’s “Everything Is.” Set over spacey synths and driving hi-hat rhythms, the remix sets an eerie tone to Has-Lo’s discontents.

“When your money ain’t right it seems like everything’s wrong…‘cause everything is.
When your love ain’t life it feels like everything’s gone…
‘cause everything is.
And you search for it, and you hurt for it,
And you promise each other you’ll work on it,
And you might have to let it go free ‘cause it never was yours, But that’s everything.”

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