H2-O – Posters Video

“H2-O, a one-man army from Patterson, NJ, armed with lyrical cruise missiles and high explosive beat grenades, is excited to announce his brand new video “Posters”, directed by Tom Medvedich.

“Posters” is the 3rd music video from the lyricist’s critically acclaimed and much buzzed about mixtape “RESET”. Previously released videos such as “Who’s That” and “Don’t Compare Me” + the mixtape trailer and the new “Posters” video already garnered more than 35,000 views on YouTube!

When talking about the song, H2-O explained: “The song ‘Posters’ was inspired by the feeling that I often hear from fans, artists, and that I actually feel myself about the current state of Hip-Hop — nobody is listening! The sales tell you that no one is listening, the quality of the music out right now tells you that no one is listening, and artists are so afraid to talk about real in-depth topics.”

“In this video, I spoke to 3 iconic figures in Hip-Hop — in first person — and explained to them how I felt about the current state of Hip-Hop and some of the decisions that they made in their career. This song represents more than just my personal views as I feel this song speaks on behalf of many people who haven’t been able to voice their opinion.”

H2-O’s “RESET” will be officially released soon via Silk City Records.”

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