Grits Release Redemption, Ninth Hip Hop Album from Tennessee Duo

Grits Continue Indie Success With Redemption
Group Releases Ninth Studio Album January 30
Nashville, TN — On the verge of releasing their new album Redemption, Tennessee natives Coffee and Bonafide, collectively known as Grits, have established a formidable track record in their 12-year recording career. With independent sales of over half a million albums, the duo has maintained a consistency and fresh appeal that few artists can match. Redemption is due for release January 30 on Gotee Records, and the group is already booked into Fall with dozens of shows across the country.
Cultivated with a wide range of sounds, the album’s versatility is only eclipsed by its vulnerability. “This is what we eat, sleep, and breathe,” says Coffee. “In the end, if this music isn’t honest, if it isn’t something that we love, and if we aren’t baring our souls, then there is something wrong. We wanted an album that you could play from front to back, where every song was ‘the single.’  I think this will inspire and encourage, as well as bump and make your head nod. We stepped up our game this time around. I think this album has it all.”
Redemption features club-friendly production and engineering skills from Ghost, Carterboy, Snuck D, Nyse, Form, Crisis, Rio, Mo Henderson and T-Boogie, and overall co-production from Grits. Guest appearances include Pigeon John, Brainwash Projects, btwice, Antonio Neal, Iz and underground icon Canibus.
The ardent, long-time fanbase of Grits began supporting the Redemption project early, with consistent downloads on the group's music and voice ringtones via <> . The album solidifies Grits natural talent, experience and fearless dedication to their craft in the wake of today's whirlwind music industry.
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REDEMPTION TRACK LIST   (All songs co-produced by Grits)
1)   We Workin – prod by Ghost
2)   Holla @ Ya – prod by Ghost, co-prod by T-Boogie
3)   Heyyy – prod by Snuck D
4)   Tight Wit These – prod by Carterboy, co-prod by Mo Henderson
5)   Soul Cry – prod by Nyse
6)   Ambitions f/ Canibus – prod by Ghost
7)   You Said f/ Pigeon John and btwice – prod by Snuck D
8)   We Ride – prod by Form
9)   Memories – prod by Nyse
10) Open Bar – prod by Nyse
11) Right Back – prod by Rio

Twelve years, eight albums, two Grammy nods, four Dove awards, a Billboard Video Award and a host of other signposts. A catalogue of material that is timeless, classic and always one step ahead of the curve.  Few Hip Hop artists (or artists from any genre for that matter) can navigate the delicate balance between commercial success and artistic credibility and continue to grow with every successive release. But then again, most artists aren’t Teron “Bonafide” Carter and Stacy “Coffee” Jones, collectively known as Grits.
On their new album, Redemption, the Nashville duo not only delivers yet another album of memorable material, but they have put themselves in a position to be placed among the industry elite.  The many years of honest development of their craft has culminated in this moment, as their latest project is a Southern masterpiece of universal appeal, from club anthems to party jams to heartfelt hymns.  
The album’s versatility is only eclipsed by its vulnerability, and Grits wouldn’t have it any other way. “This is what we eat, sleep, and breathe,” states Coffee.  “In the end, if this music isn’t honest, if it isn’t something that we love, and if we aren’t baring our souls, then there is something wrong. We wanted an album that you could play from front to back, where every song was ‘the single.’ I think this will inspire and encourage, as well as bump and make your head nod.  We stepped up our game this time around. I think this album has it all.”
As strong as their catalogue is, there is little doubt that this is the group’s most aggressive LP to date.  There is an energy that would rival anything the heaviest hitters in the industry have laid down. Bridging the gap of a variety of influences, from Southern flavor to pop sensibility with an East coast swagger, these songs are a perfect blend of the underground and the accessible, always with a positive spiritual twist.  This is real Hip Hop for real people from real artists that will boom trunks and bang clubs.  
Just don’t question their motivation – Grits’ singular resolve is to stick to their creative guns. “We aren’t in this just to sell records,” says Bonafide.  “This record isn’t about carrying a flag.  You don’t need to advertise something if it’s real…and we are going to let this music speak for itself.”
Redemption shifts gears effortlessly, as Coffee and Bonafide have earned their Hip Hop stripes by mastering the roles of jacks of all trades.  Songs like “Heyy,” a slow rolling number with an infectious rhythm, will remain in your conscious mind long after the track has finished.  “We Workin,’” is a Crunk-savvy club hit blended with Grits’ signature flow. “Holla at You” chalks one up for the ladies, and the album continues to offer new sounds for fans on many levels.
Perhaps the most “next-level” element of this album’s equation is the production quality, which is both massive and experimental.  In addition to self-production, which has been a Grits staple on every album, they employed a potent list of producers and cameos to step up their game on Redemption.  The production list includes Ghost, Snuck D, Nyse, Form, Rio and Crisis, all up-and-comers who have been influential in helping to shape the group’s sound over the years.  In addition, guest appearances by Pigeon John, Brainwash Projects, btwice, Antonio Neal and Iz add to the depth of several tracks, and underground icon Canibus even adds a verse.
Redemption is a welcome addition to the long list of achievements that have built steadily throughout Grits’ career.  Their songs have been featured in the films Big Momma’s House 2 and The Fast and The Furious 3: Tokyo Drift.  Grits have reached the top 10 on MTV2’s Top 10 most requested, Top 5 handpicked, and Top 20 on both the CMJ and HITS charts numerous times.  Their songs have been featured on numerous television shows including MTV’s The Real World, Road Rules, Pimp My Ride, Cribs, Boston Public, and Showtime’s Resurrection Boulevard among others.  Grits have graced the pages of many major music publications numerous times as well, from The Source to XXL to Spin to Vibe.  They have hosted BET’s Rap City, and have shared the stage with the likes of Outkast, Jay-Z, Ice Cube, De La Soul, DJ Shadow and A Tribe Called Quest.
Coffee and Bonafide have always maintained a spiritual focus despite any success that has come their way.  While many artists cater to the pop formula of contrived singles and fifteen-minute fame, perhaps the most noteworthy accomplishment of all has been their diligence in sticking to their own formula: going against the grain in their faith as well as their creativity.  Bonafide communicates the crux of this mentality on the track “Not the Same” on Redemption: “That's why I'm never concentrated on that one hit I'm staying focus on material that's timeless / ‘Cause when its needed man, I want you to rewind this / and when it’s heard,  see the vision that's behind this / It doesn't matter if a label ever signs this, ever find mass promote or get behind this / It’s in the hands of something larger than the industry this life to the sounds of eternity / You can hear it in the silence of a cold night, when the lyrics give you strength to help your soul fight.”
“Grits has been a southern staple for generations…it just carries on and carries on.”  says Bonafide.  “Until that day–a day which will be a long way off–we will continue to do what we do best. We’ll write positive Hip Hop about freedom that will uplift and benefit the community, and continue to take it up a notch every time we touch a mic.’”
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1/6  – Candler, NC @ The Rock Church (273 Monte Vista Rd)
2/3  – Ocean City, MD – Winter Fest @ Ocean City Convention Ctr (4001 Coastal Hwy)
2/9  – Orlando, FL @ T.D. Waterhouse Center (600 W Amelia St)
2/10 – Ames, IA @ Iowa State Center
2/16 – Estes Park, CO @ YMCA of the Rockies (2515 Tunnel Rd)
2/17 – Baton Rouge, LA @ Baton Rouge River Ctr (275 River Rd S)
2/23 – Houston, TX @ Bammel Road C.O.C. (2700 FM 1960 W City)
2/24 – San Antonio, TX @ Freeman Coliseum (3201 E Houston St)
3/3  – Riverside, CA @ Riverside Convention Center (3443 Orange St)
3/9  – Dyersburg, TN @ First Christian Church (200 Community Pk Rd)
3/10 – Tulsa, OK @ Oral Roberts University, Mabee Center
3/17 – Muncie, IN @ Ball State University
3/24 – Ashland, VA @ Randolph Macon College
3/29 – Jacksonville, FL @ Murray Hill Theatre (932 Edgewood Ave S)
3/30 – Lake Buena Vista, FL @ The Dolphin (1500 Epcot Resort Blvd)
3/31 – Tampa, FL @ St Pete Times Forum (401 Channelside Dr)
4/1  – Moorhead, MN @ Concordia College Memorial (1111 8th St S)
4/7  – Tempe, AZ @ Arizona State University (1200 S Forrest Ave)
4/21 – Portland, OR @ Rose Quarter Memorial (One Center Court)
4/28 – Nashville, TN @ Nashville Municipal Auditorium (417 4th Ave N)
5/5  – Pittsburgh, PA @ Petersen Events Center (3719 Terrace St)
5/25 – San Diego, CA @ The Rock Church
6/15 – Wilmore, KY @ Ichthus Festival
6/19 – Grayson, KY @ Kentucky Christian Univ, Lusby Center
6/29 – Shirleysburg, PA @ Creation East
7/10 – Denton, TX @ Camp Capass
9/2  – Boone, NC @ High Country Youth Festival

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