Giving You “STATIC”: The Long Awaited Sophomore Album from Maspyke

Dropping September 20th 2005 on Bukarance Records /ABB Records

September 8th, 2005 Masypke showcases their staying power with the release of their sophomore album, STATIC, which will drop September 20th on Bukarance Records and distributed by ABB Records. Hailing from Springfield MA, Maspyke has been one of the most acclaimed groups in the independent underground hip hop scene, they continue to represent the classic east coast sound. STATIC takes a giant leap forward for the group providing listeners with 14 progressive hardcore underground hip hop tracks with beats by Roddy Rod. Each song stands alone as an aural achievement, from the cascading horns of “Lightly Anxious ” to the bass shaking thump of “Step “.

“There are many definitions of the word static and we use all negative and positive meanings. Static is the balance of life “, states Hanif Jamiyl. Love and hate, Peace and war, Work and play. “Static (to us) also represents the music of golden era hip-hop with dirty scratches and samples. We wanted to create an album that felt like that. ”

Memorable hip hop LP’s consist of great songs, and lyrically STATIC’s main emcee’s Hanif-Jamiyl and Tableek interweave the albums theme of the dichotomy of positive and negative with perfection, bringing to mind comparisons to great Hip hop groups of the past and present while maintaining a keen eye on the future, today’s political strife, the current state of hip hop, and relationships.

After being signed to Elektra (1994), recording with gold and platinum artists and rejecting any and all of the industry’s attempts to mold them into whatever was hot at the moment, group members Roddy Rod, Hanif Jamiyl, and Tableek depart the security of a major label and pursue their own vision, which is now in physical form, know as STATIC.

“Maspyke is one of the most important groups in Hip- Hop right now, period!” – Mos Def

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