Fly Gypsy – Wildflower Feat. Jose Feliciano

Fly Gypsy

DOWNLOAD: Fly Gypsy – “Wildflower” Feat. Jose Feliciano

Fly Gypsy is set to release another track off their newest effort, The Vodka & Rum Mixtape. The song, “Wildflower,” featuring samplings of guitar legend Jose Feliciano, fits seamlessly into the formula the Russian and Jamaican producer/MC duo explore throughout the mixtape. Musically, Alexei Jendayi provides a smooth guitar backdrop for Kowboy Kom’s precise lyrical delivery, intertwining Jose Feliciano’s take on the classic Door’s standard, “Light My Fire,” into the track in a manner which provides the listener with the feeling, not of samples, but of Alexei, Kom, and Jose in the same room trading verses, vibing, and playing guitars together. Speaking about the inspiration behind the musical elements of the song, Alexei says “I’ve always loved Jose Feliciano’s ‘Light My Fire’ and wanted to use it in a Fly Gypsy track. The song is so beautiful. I wanted to do more than just sample it. So when I sat down to produce the song, I effectively treated it as a Fly Gypsy and Jose Feliciano duet. And I think it worked.”

The chemistry throughout sets the mood for an awe-inspiring track full of deft musicianship and lyrics that spell out the stories of three different women, one young girl and two older women, that have become cold and callused to the world in response to life’s hardships. Explaining the main characters of the story, Kom raps, “Wildflower born in a storm / Always ice grilling but her heart’s so warm / But you would never know it, ’cause she’s scared to show it / And that’s about the only thing she’s scared of.” More than just a story, Kom’s personal interactions serve as inspiration to the song’s lyrics: “My message in this song is that I understand and respect these women’s incredible struggle. I wanted to let misunderstood wildflowers all over the world know that they are beautiful and are stronger than most women – they’ve had to be to survive what they went through.” Kom continues, “But when you find someone that is trying to love you, as a friend or in a relationship, remember they have struggles of their own. It takes work to overcome the challenges and make relationships work.”

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