Fly Gypsy Feat. David James – Go

Fly Gypsy Give Fans Double-Dip From New EP With Rock-Influenced Anthem And Non-Traditional Club Banger


DOWNLOAD: Fly Gypsy Feat. David James – Go

Hailing from Russia and Jamaica, and now located in Washington D.C., Fly Gypsy are back delivering the next two singles from their latest EP Change For A Dollar. An instant favorite with fans, Fly Gypsy once again confirm their ability to deliver quality music with the rock-influenced anthem “Go” Feat. David James and the non-traditional club banger “Get that Money.”

With lyrics of determination and drive, a soulful hook and a rock-influenced beat, “Go” has the makings of a raw rock anthem – albeit one still very rooted in Fly Gypsy’s hip-hop sound – “guaranteed to get listeners amped up, focused and ready for whatever!” Speaking on the inspiration behind the song, Fly Gypsy’s emcee Kowboy Kom explains “Everyone needs an anthem and “Go” has all the anthem qualities of a rock song (but) still has a very soulful feel to it. This is such a real song for me because at the time I was dealing with some people’s lack of understanding (in) the moves I was making… (but) I didn’t want it to just be an anthem for me. I figured I’d help my people and my haters and drop some jewels on how we can all go get what we are trying to get.”

Showing off Fly Gypsy’s diversity, “Get that Money” boasts an infectious beat sure to have the dance floors pumping. But don’t get confused, thinking Fly Gypsy has traded in the substance listeners have come to know them for – this is not your traditional club track. Producer Alexei explains, “Kom’s lyrics (are) a mix of parody and social commentary, all of which come together in the third verse. ” Kowboy Kom further explains, ” Its like giving candy to a baby laced with medicine in the middle… I got to say the most random, careless and common punchlines with the sweet satisfaction of knowing that I’m about to make the illest left turn in the 3rd verse.”

Critics have praised this hip-hop duo on their ability to attract commercial appeal without compromising their musicianship or message and these two tracks couldn’t better sum up what all that praise is about.

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