Esinchill – The Appetizer Mixtape


DOWNLOAD: Esinchill – The Appetizer Mixtape


Esinchill is excited to release his new mixtape,The Appetizer. Serving as both a follow up to his recently released album,Vigilante, and a precursor to his forthcoming Hate Food EPThe Appetizer is a treat for fans new and old. Hosted by DJ D-Sharp, the 14-track mixtape features Esinchill going in over a mix of industry beats and originals, with the new production coming courtesy of DJ D-Sharp, Cras, Beat Roc, andC-Dash. Meanwhile, guests on the tape include Marcell William, Mistah FAB, R.O.D Project, Nate’, and the R&B singer Samm.

Esinchill is all about lyrics, and feeling a shit in momentum towards those more lyrically inclined emcees, the Bay Area rapper was compelled to release a new project where he could put his own bars on display. “Folks seem to be paying attention to me and what I have to say as of late,” notes Esinchill. “I’ve long felt that if a person has a voice they will be heard no matter what hip-hop’s fad of the moment is, but now it just seems like lyrics are becoming more prominent again.”

Now, with the mixtape out, Esinchill has his focus set on his upcoming Hate Food EP, a project that will be produced entirely by DJ D-Sharp and include features from Yukmouth, Erk Tha Jerk, London Land, Nette Brielle, and Kev Choice. “The music is splendid and I’m just happy to be able to present it to the people,” Esinchill explains. “All I ever wanted to do was be heard and to have that happen coupled with the grand response the music has received is indeed overwhelming.”


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