Empire City Records Ignites with Sky Balla

Empire City
Records Ignites with Sky Balla
New Label Paves
The Way for Independent Success
New York, NY — Bringing
together some of the most prolific minds in independent music might be a task
for some, but the men of Empire City Records have harnessed a synergy second to
none. After a year of searching, they signed the enigmatic Bay Area
emcee Sky Balla as their flagship artist. They recently produced a new
video for Sky’s single “Big Boy Things,” and
have two mixtape projects dropping in July – all gearing up
for Sky Balla’s full-length feature debut on the Empire City
Founded in Spring 2005, the
roundtable of business talent consists of Jason Rockland, CEO;
Sickamore, VP of Operations; Animal Steele, Executive Director of
A&R; Kori King, General Manager; and the newest addition to the
team, JP Mehar, Director of Promotions. Individually they all have made
impressive business moves in various areas. “We aren’t the type of
people who settle for moderate success,” explains Jason Rockland. “We all
play to play big. We consider ourselves a ‘major independent’ with budgets
and sales goals similar to any major label. As people see what we have done with
the Sky Balla project in just a few months, they will realize what seperates us
from other labels.”
Rockland defines Empire City
Records as “a label focused on artist
development.” Various distribution deals have already
been offered, and the ECR team is confident they will find the optimal
situation. “Our goal from the beginning has been to partner with a major
label on this project, and make sure Sky Balla realizes his potential as a
career artist,” says Animal Steele. “He has always had it in him, and it’s our
job to make sure other people have the opportunity to see that as
While the label is
comprised of talented individuals, the result of their work is a cohesive
vision. “Success is inevitable,” asserts Rockland. “The ultimate goal for us is
to secure a long term partnership with a major label. We want to
become a label known for developing and releasing artists with staying
For more information on Empire
City Records, go to www.tygereye.net/empirecityrecords and www.empirecityrecords.com
For more information on Sky
Balla, go to www.tygereye.net/skyballa and www.skyballa.com
For interviews and press
information on ECR and Sky Balla, contact dove@tygereye.net
About Empire City
As the scale of success in the
music industry shifts slightly from domineering majors to risk-taking,
forward-thinking independents, revolutionaries emerge. Tenderly founded by music
enthusiast and Wall Street connoisseur Jason Rockland, Empire City Records was
born in April of 2005.
As its chief financial sponsor,
brainchild and President, Jason Rockland has divulged all of his time, capital,
and energies, into producing an outstanding musical organization. Immediately
summoning the services of a most entrepreneurial and accomplished staff, he
initiated a strong foundation of taste-making musical elite. The Empire City
partnership is fueled by:
Sickamore, VP of Operations; an
influential personality, trendsetter, and music industry pioneer, accredited to
jump starting the careers of Def Jam signee Tru-Life, Atlantic Records signee
Saigon and countless others. Sickamore recently took on an A&R position
at Atlantic Records, has his own consulting firm and
nationally-branded I Can Make You Famous mixtape series.
Kori King, General Manager; a
self-starter and Columbia University grad who’s career highlights include both
opening a record label with the release of three albums and founding a
successful tech company of which he single-handedly financed his Computer
Science major.
Animal Steele, Executive Dir. of
A&R; a middle management guru/forecaster in both music and fashion, whose
ten-year position as a buyer and indie label confidante spawned long standing
relationships with Hip Hop’s superpowers and led him to A&R the legendary
Grammy nominated Last Poets album.
Together they infuse a fierce
love for music with a history of bold dedication to accomplish their goal. Like
many budding labels, they started with a vision and many prospective candidates
for signage. Stretching their arm 3000 miles away from their home city of New
York, they unanimously courted Bay Area native, Sky Balla. With accolades
stemming from self-made fame and success on an underground level, Sky has
solidified himself as a resilient force in Rap. With an up and coming album
release they are on the verge of making their premier imprint in music history.
Empire’s mission is to shape
music through developing artists. They, unlike the industry norm of conformity,
refuse to surrender to the ease of mimicking fads. With a goal opposite of the
all too familiar one-hit-wonders of our time, they set out fearlessly at an
endeavor to motivate the masses.

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