Eastern Philosophers vs Western Philosophers – Epic Rap Battles of History Season 4

The ERB fellas are back at it with the latest Epic Rap Battles of History video pitting philosophers from the east and west against each other. The east team of Sun Tzu (Timothy DeLaGhetto), Confucius (MC Jin), and Laozi (KRNFX) definitely beat the west crew of Nietzsche (Nice Peter), Socrates (EpicLLOYD), and Voltaire (Zach Sherwin).

Metaphors, which are usually the strength of these Epic Rap Battles, weren’t the best this time around. The highlight definitely comes with the beatbox breakdown from KRNFX with MC Jin kicking a double time flow. That being said, DeLaGhetto’s Sun Tzu turning the other team against itself is a strategy that could have been taken right from the pages of the Art of War itself. That, and the philosophical question “What is winning?” replacing the “Who won?” are details that are definitely appreciated.

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