Double A.B. & Dub Sonata ft. Roc Marciano – Lord Knows What

Dub Sonata lays a tempo for Double A. B. and track feature Roc Marciano to speak on their restrained aspirations that only the “Lord Knows What” is holding them back.

On September 18th, rapper Double A.B. and producer Dub Sonata will release their new album, Media Showers. The LP, which includes features from Roc Marciano, Sean Price,Rhymefest, Cannibal Ox, Evidence, and more, will be released via Man Bites Dogs Records, and today, Double A.B. and Dub Sonata are releasing the video for the debut single from Media Showers, the Roc Marciano-featuring “Lord Knows What.”

The inspiration for the track, says Double A.B., came after hearing the vocal sample (“I’m empty inside, trying to hide from lord knows what”) that Dub Sonata flipped for the instrumental, which pushed A.B. to talk about feelings of discontent, of feeling one step behind where you ought to be. “It’s a topic that can be serious and slightly depressing,” says A.B., “but I handled it a bit comically, a little tongue-in-cheek.” He drives those mix of feelings home with lines like “Maybe lately I just been too lazy/ Puffing puday weed, just been too hazy/ Paranoid; who’s gonna run up and spray me/ Like walking the perfume floor at Macy’s.” 

The song features underground favorite Roc Marciano, who had a true breakout year in 2010 and has continued that run over the past two years with a collection of collaborative releases. For Double A.B., to be able to collaborate with the fellow New York rapper helped bring the song full circle. “Roc is a rapper I not only admire lyrically, but artistically and business-wise, as well,” says Double A.B. “It’s a blessing to have him involved with the project.”

The video also marks one of only a small handful of Roc Marciano video appearances over the past two years, as directorR.M.L. brought the two New York rappers together across the country in Los Angeles, shooting in famed tattoo parlor Shamrock Social Club. The shop, owned by Mark Mahoney, has inked up the likes of Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, Redman, Johnny Depp, The Notorious B.I.G. – and, as of this shoot, Apathy, who makes a cameo appearance while A.B. and Roc Marciano indulge in their favorite vices: pool, weed, and rap.

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